This is an illustrated directory of art bookshops worldwide. It was born out of a personal need: what great art bookshops can I visit when in other cities?

I became a book lover through the first stories read to me by my parents. Later, I developed a habit of buying more books than I could read. Even later, I managed to put myself on a diet, without restricting my shop visits. In between there was a phase when I bought all my books online. It was great to have access to so many titles from the comfort of my desk.

Until I started to realize the obvious. If we all keep on buying books this way, bookshops will disappear.

The next purchase made my resolve. The fitting title: How to be a Graphic Designer without losing Your Soul (Adrian Shaughnessy, Princeton Architectural Press/Laurence King Publishing, 2005). Either order it online, through Amazon, and have it in a few days; or order it at a local shop, the American Book Center in Amsterdam, and wait a fortnight. I did the latter and stopped ordering from online retailers.

We are working on adding shops constantly. Are you missing your favorite shop? Please use the ‘Submit’ form. We work together with bookshops to make sure all data is correct and up to date.